Seal 6-Rapture

Explanatory Videos

1. Explains why the seven year tribulation, The Antichrist, and the rebuilt Jewish Temple is a myth.

2. Explains the repetitive nature of Bible prophecy; and the real order of events.

3.Shows the evidence of the apparent fulfillment of the first five seals of Revelation chapter 6.

4. Reveals the identity of the beast, and explains the events of Revelation 13. And it also identifies End Times Babylon and its fate.

If you are willing to REJECT the flawed and confusing "PARTY LINE" of most Prophecy Teachers, you will see how the following Videos show examples of the SEVEN SEALS presented in Revelation Chapter 6. Taking note of the Actual Events over almost 40 Years, with Great Confidence, we APPEAR TO BE Well into SEAL NO. 5!

Seal 4-Death

Seal 3-Famine

Where we

Appear To Be

Seal Number 1-US Arms Buildup

Seal Number 2-War

Seal 5-Persecution

Here Comes the Rapture!

Seal 7-Wrath

& Nuclear War