Jesus came to pave the way to heaven for all of humanity, if they would have faith enough to fully accept all that He has said and done, and promised to do, for us. It is like taking a trip, but we must get past "go", and learn how to navigate through all of the challenges that lie ahead.We must not seek to skip or rush past any event; that we must fully embrace each in fervent prayer. A major milestone is reached when we receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit; then is when we have salvation. But the road continues as we grow in Christ, and share his word with others. The road ends by our death, or When Jesus Returns at the Rapture!

The Functionality of a Born Again Person

This larger view of the diagram above shows how the process in the box not only can be instrumental in the salvation of your soul, but it also enables you to be victorious in all of the situations described in the surrounding Scriptures; and any other situation that may arise. This is because after your soul is save God will be in you, and you will be in Him. You will also have a continuing role which is to pray and obey!

This  diagram gives a comprehensive view of Salvation by answering many key questions about the subject; and gives you Scripture that support the answers. Any views to the contrary come from man-made doctrines, or speculations about out-of-context passages. To live out Salvation in your life requires a lot of fervent prayer, and meditation in the word of God.

(James 5:16; 1 Timothy 4:12-16)

A person becomes born-again through deep repentance and faith; which brings about the crucifixion of the old person. The Holy Spirit comes to complete the crucifixion, and purifies the heart (spirit & soul). He makes the person's heart his residence. He teaches and leads the individual into making godly decisions both spiritually and naturally.

The individual now exists in both realms; but now his primary life is spiritual. The individual has the ability to defeat demonic spirits, and to resist the lies and the lures of the natural world. The individual is rewarded with fantastic spiritual experiences, and abundant sources of lasting fulfillment and satisfaction.

Know the Difference
Your Eternal Destiny Depends on It

Real salvation is a work of God. It cannot be done any other way. And God wants everyone to be saved. Yet Jesus said only a few would actually make it. False doctrines of The End Times Falling Away have made it worse even in "churches". Most have never known what real salvation is. Their leaders & members admit to being sinners! For any out there that desire REAL SALVATION, this diagram provides the process that must be undertaken to be in a position for God to do His work of salvation. That's what makes the difference between the SAVED and the LOST! So, fulfill God's desire for you by "working out your own salvation with fear and trembling" (Philippians 2:12).